TestME.ng is the usability testing tool that gives you videos of real users speaking their thoughts as they use your website or app.

Analyzing user testing videos is a time-consuming process, but with our Collaborative Analysis suite, turning user data into product action is fast and easy. Divide and conquer your results, then share key moments and findings efficiently to keep the team up to speed. Collaborative Analysis saves time and gets everyone engaged directly in user data.

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How it Works for User

Set up your test

Write a list of tasks you want users to perform on your website or app.

Pick your platform to be tested

Choose from a wide array of options of web or mobile, select the number of testers and create your task

Watch the video

Our testers send in their test videos, so you hear what users are thinking and see where they’re getting stuck.

How it Works for Tester

Get Your Assigned Tasks

Login to your dashboard and get tasks assigned to you.

Record Your Review

Do the activities set by the user and record that video and upload it on your dashboard.

Get Paid Per Test

Earn as high as N500 on each task you review.

Features We Provide

Test on any device

Test on desktops, mobiles, tablets. Working with various tester with several devices allows us to test mobile websites or applications on Android, iPhone, iPad.


You can have your tests neatly organized into projects and you can have multiple tasks or projects going on at the same time.

Real Time Reports

Get Real time Test Results onto your dashboard

Plans And Pricing

We offer various pricing models to choose from


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